Am I selling out?

Funny two related things happened today (along with my normal boring life) I got paid for my first "sponsored link" on one of my websites - I "sold" it about 2 weeks ago.

I don't know Gigi Silverberg at all. But someone representing her offered to buy a link on my Sarasota Neighborhoods site. She has a nice website and seems pretty good according to her bio.... So I did it.... I have even cleaned-up the site and updated its look after that..

I see that as an affirmation of the content I have out there ... so its a good thing.

Even Bigger..

My frequent readers know that I post lots of pictures and that is the subject of the second cool thing that happened to me today...

I just opened the box on a brand new Nikon D80 Outfit

My current camera is a Panasonic DMC-FZ7 I really like it especially the great 12x optical zoom... but I have the opportunity to try out this really nice camera as a participant in Nikon’s “Picture This” campaign

I was a little surprised to be picked for this - I actually thought it was spam at first. So now you know after today (the battery is changing now) I will be taking pictures with a really nice Nikon digital SLR camera that I get to use free (for six months)... I will let you know how the pictures / experience compares to the other digital cameras I have used.

So if you have some money or cool things for me to "test" I maybe can be had ....


Two things: 1) Parmet could

Two things: 1) Parmet could have been had for a lot less than $1,500; and 2) remember, you are the company you keep.

- Amanda

Picture This

Welcome to the Picture This club! I've had my D80 for a month now - it's a great camera. We have a Flickr group if you are interested - - please join us if you haven't already...