Red Mars


I gave in to a "good deal" -- I got this book free as a "Kindle Edition" - I don't have one of Amazon's cool devices - but I have the Kindle application on my IPhone ... so now I have read most of this very interesting book on the small screen of my phone.

It's really not that bad reading on the IPhone -- if the page were as big as the Kindle I think it would be just fine... but I still like paper books better.

Back to the book.... It's a very interesting story on several levels .. first it is the future story of the exploration / settlement of Mars that's a good story -- the details of the space flight and the surface of Mars are great (I don't have a clue how accurate it is).

Level 2 is the story of the "first one-hundred" this is the group of the original settlers on Mars -- if you lived with 100 people first for months on a ship then years in a very small "town" you would have lots of personal stories... it is well told.

Level 3 is most interesting to me - the political philosophy of the settlers. Think about what type society a small well educated group of scientists would build towards if they were "way out there" - think the colonies and England when it was a month away by boat... This is what I think keeps the story going. Of course it's a trilogy - get the first one free and you have to buy more ... I just ordered the second book -- on paper!!!


Blue Mars

Joe: Been a sci-fi junky forever. Have all three in the library if you can't find either Green Mars or Blue Mars. Great if overwrought, tale. And I agree, reading isn't tough on my iPod Touch. I'm using the "Stanza" reader, which offers a deep library of out-of-print and hard-to-find stuff by H. Beam Piper, Olaf Stapeldon and other classics. s/StanZ

green mars


I am in the middle of green mars and enjoying it very much...